Saturday, December 17, 2011


Guest blog from Maria on a very sad day for us.

We had sad news, a good friend of us passed away last Thursday. We had the pleasure of meeting her and her wonderful family at Bluebell Wood childrens hospice. Despite her illness she always seemed more worried about other children than about herself, despite her age she was so mature and dignified, supporting the ones who suffered for her with that gorgeous smile  x she gave estella a teddy bear to say goodbye, I made her once a flower for her hair. She was the last survivor of the kids I considered Estella's family at the hospice and something broke inside when I heard she left us. Our thoughts go to her wonderful family, to the fireworks, tears, laughters and apples that we ducked on Haloween and sll the times we shared. We will heal, we will feel our children around us as a blessing and we will keep on living knowing that we did our best to keep them happy. G and estella have the moves like Jagger in the skies

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