Saturday, June 8, 2013


We have had two replies from Liam's Dad both of which show what a humble and intelligent person he is. In the first one he is keen to say that they do not wish to attack ISIS pharmaceuticals but would rather try persuasion. We have made some suggestions.

In the second he replied as follows

Hi there, 
Thank you for your support, your encouragement given us a great ideas, I think, we now have a plan to make something big.
Obviously we will work quickly, because each day count in the SMA. In waiting if I understand we need to put into our communications the #smashsma ,
#letliamlive and the link to your blog?
Give us a few days and the Canadians will be to the appointment:-)
I replied with
Excellent. You can use any of our information. You can use #smashsma #letliamlive or our blog if it helps. I will write to or speak to anybody you suggest. I will do every single thing I possibly can to help you. It is essential that your son is given a chance. You have my 100% commitment to your cause. I have contacted a friend in the American Embassy. I think you are right it is proper to be polite with ISIS but they will listen better when you and that lovely boy are on television. Take care and - I hope this sounds proper - despite all of these things enjoy every moment with your little fella because these are special days that will not come again. You know that I am sure but I wanted to say it.

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