Thursday, July 19, 2012


This isn't a post as such it's just an explanation of something that is bothering me. recently I have posted a number of tweets that say something like - " 95 % of Twitter users do not retweet for @estellastar1 - but the 5 % who do are amazing."

This tweet has had the result of losing many followers and I have had a number of people saying that they don't like it.

I totally understand that.


A normal tweet has on average 30 people retweeting it and picks up about 6 new followers.

The tweet above has been retweeted 2,588 times and has picked up 1,844 new followers.

I know that is simplistic and that a quality follower is worth 500 temporary ones but my message on Twitter is to spread awareness about SMA - doing it this was means that the 6 tweets I have done this way have been seen by around 10,000 people.

It's not right maybe - but it's certainly not wrong

Hope that makes sense.

Major post coming soon

Thanks for reading




  1. I think you are very clever... It was your promise to your daughter to raise awareness of SMA and that's exactly what you're doing... It doesn't matter how its done, its working!!!

    Well done Muppet Daddy x

  2. dude, I dont think its wrong, and when I see your tweets like that, I will always retweet, you are doing your little star proud, how else can you smash SMA

    @petebushell (Twitter User)

  3. I retweet as often as I can, I often miss things when I'm not logged on but I do t understand anyone who un follows because of that! My colleague at work made a comment that all I do is retweet about something called SMA, I told him about it and estella and he changed his opinion! Keep it up! X

  4. It's not wrong. You are doing what you set out to do - that is raising awareness of SMA. By raising awareness more people learn about SMA and more people will fight to beat this dreadful disease. And that's what you promised Estella you would do. If some people don't like it then that's their choice - and their loss. I feel privileged to have been part of this fight. Others will not have that feeling because they don't like to retweet!
    Keep it up! Xx

  5. It's all good in my opinion!! People are entitled to theirs just as you are entitled to do what you think is best! The rest of us think you are the BEES KNEEs!!!